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At AFROTECH, we specialize in tailored solutions for Australian businesses offering LiteSpeed fast, affordable and reliable web servers.

LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed web servers with built in LiteSpeed cache ensures lightning-quick loading times, seamless user experiences, and improved search engine rankings

Mobile Focused

Fast mobile page speed is crucial for better user experience and improved rankings on search engines. With the majority of web traffic coming from mobile users, optimizing mobile web page speed is essential!


Website backup is crucial for safeguarding valuable content, protecting against data loss, ensuring seamless recovery in case of unforeseen events and maintains the integrity of your online presence


Protect your data and visitors with robust security features. SSL certificates, firewalls, and regular backups—we’ve got your back.


As your business grows, so should your website. Our hosting services scale seamlessly, accommodating your evolving requirements.

Uptime and Reliability

Our hosting services guarantee impressive uptime, keeping your website accessible 24/7. Downtime? Not on our watch.


Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

File Management

Safe and Secure Web Hosting & Backups

Protection against Data Loss

Websites face various threats: hacking attempts, malware infections, accidental file deletion, server failures, or even natural disasters.

A comprehensive backup strategy ensures that your website data is securely stored offsite, enabling rapid recovery and minimizing downtime.

Business Continuity

Imagine your website suddenly crashing or experiencing a data breach. Having a recent backup allows you to swiftly restore your site.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tailored Web Design

At AFROTECH, we specialize in creating custom and tailor made websites that resonate with your brand.

Tailored Design: Our experts craft custom websites that align perfectly with your vision.

Professional Aesthetics: Impress visitors with a polished, branded online presence.

User-Centric Experience: We prioritize seamless navigation and engaging interfaces.

Top WordPress Speeds

Top-Tier WordPress performance on our sites with LiteSpeed caching enabled, which results in up to 5x faster sites. With our in-built SEO and speed optimizer plugins gives you out-of-the-box media and front-end optimizations for more performance designed and tested for better Google PageSpeed ratings.

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